-   March 15, 2021

As part of the NEO tender launched by the French Ministry of the Interior, the Gendarmerie Nationale and the Police Nationale have chosen Orange Business Services and Crosscall to equip and connect their entire operational forces. More than 200,000 rugged and durable handsets, connected to business applications, will accompany the mobile police forces in the evolution of their profession for a period of 4 years.

The resilience and long autonomy of the handsets, combined with high-quality secure connectivity, enabled Orange Business Services and CROSSCALL to stand out. The operator and digital services company, as well as the outdoor mobile technology specialist, met the intense usage requirements of the French National Gendarmerie and the French National Police, and have thus won this contract, for the renewal of their mobile fleet, supported by the Ministry of the Interior. Their compatibility with Private Mobile Radio/Public safety standards and the durability of the devices were key criteria in this call for tender.



Through the integration of Orange SIM cards, security forces benefit from real-time access to business applications in mobile situations. For its part, CROSSCALL proves its expertise in the design of durable devices and its ability to respond to large-scale demands. This is the largest contract the French company has won to date: more than 200,000 CORE-X4 NEO smartphones and CORE-T4 NEO tablets, models from its CORE range optimised to meet the specific needs of security forces.


By combining their expertise, Orange Business Services and CROSSCALL are offering a sovereign solution combining equipment and connectivity with a high level of technological performance at the cutting edge of innovation. These synergies will allow us to support security forces in their digital transition.

Working with Crosscall and its devices adapted to hostile environments has enabled us to offer a sovereign solution that meets the expectations of the Gendarmerie Nationale and the Police Nationale.

Nadine Foulon Belkacémi – Director of Major Customers, Orange Business Services



The devices, praised for their robustness, waterproofing and long battery life, will be deployed in the coming months. Delivered with a “Google Android Open Source Project” operating system, without any manufacturer or operator overlay, they allow the Ministry of the Interior to install its own security layer developed by the operator of classified interministerial information systems (OSIIC), an entity of the General Secretariat for Defence and National Security (SGDSN). The aim is to encrypt communications and secure the mobile applications on the terminal.


Police officers and gendarmes will have all the tools they need for their daily work on their tablet or smartphone. In addition to “Push to X” group communication solutions (voice, text, photo, video), they will have access to more than sixty business applications, for example to check an identity or the validity of a driving licence in real time.

As a French company, we are proud to support the Gendarmerie and the Police with unique products that correspond to uses that no conventional smartphone can meet, and that focus on durability.

Cyril Vidal – President and founder of CROSSCALL



In addition to these uses, the Ministry of the Interior wanted to be equipes with devices compatible with the PC STORM solution deployed in cooperation with Orange Business Services. Crosscall devices can be used with this technical solution, allowing users to benefit from all its services, particularly the prioritisation and pre-emption mechanisms. The latter ensures that security forces can transmit their communications with high reliability, quality of service and reachability, even if there are local traffic saturations encountered on the mobile network.


The expertise of Orange Business Services and CROSSCALL in technological compatibility, proven in the PC Storm project, allows them to assert themselves as trusted players in the defence and security market and to respond together to specific calls for tender.