CONSTRUCTEL case study

« CROSSCALL phones have all the attributes to become established as the uniquely reliable and indispensable tool for our teams in the field»






How did you organise the fleet of mobile devices?
Our technicians being always on the move, are all equipped with smartphones that meet typical requirements: checking their work schedule and accessing dedicated business applications. Until November 2018, all of our teams were equipped with robust models from traditional mobile phone
brands. Due to the substantial number of breakages, we realised that this set-up was not ideal.

What was your issue?
As our activities involve construction, installation and maintenance of telecom networks, our technicians constantly
travel from one site to the next. They work outdoors, sometimes in spots that are hard to reach, sometimes requiring aerial cradles, and other times underground to access telecom chambers often infiltrated by rainwater. Faced with these hostile working environments, the challenge was to find durable smartphones to limit the number of breakages.


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