Secure your teams

Do you want to ensure the safety of your colleagues in the field? Opt for a fully mobile solution with CROSSCALL.

Gain peace of mind

Ensure the safety of your colleagues. Accessible at any time to guarantee the safety of your colleagues or employees, with the Crosscall LWP solution, you can be sure that you are getting the right information (optimal location accuracy both indoors and outdoors) and are alerted in the event that a colleague in the field comes into danger. The CROSSCALL solution is supported by high-performance networks (4G and PMR) and equipped with active and passive alarms, helping you to keep people safe.  

The programmable buttons and integrated sensors, such as the gyroscope and accelerometer, offer you a comprehensive, responsive and secure solution that allows users to carry out their work without stress. And when you're about to enter a white zone with no network coverage, a notification is sent directly to a colleague to inform the team that they cannot be reached.* 

Composition of the solution

For optimal use of the LWP solution, opt for the CORE-M5, CORE-X4 or the CORE-T4 tablet. And to make sure you can take your Crosscall smartphone wherever you go, also consider adding a protective cover. 

*Depending on the business app 


Smartphones and/or tablets






Our partners


"The Crosscall phones are durable and fit our purpose. This solution allows us to have dual use: the use of a classic smartphone but also to guarantee the security of our employees."

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