€ 379,97


Remote Microphone/Speaker

Paired with your smartphone, the X-COMM enables the remote control of your speaking operations with just a single hand, for efficient and unrestricted communications.

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  • Remote bluetooth and wired microphone
  • Buttons can be customised via dedicated application
  • 120 dB speaker
€ 379,97
€ 379,97


The X-COMM is a remote microphone/speaker connected to your smartphone, enabling you to remotely control your communications two one or two groups, all with a single hand. Not only does it offer high-performance audio, it also offers unrivalled reliability and a huge range of uses, like no other device of this type.

Designed for group communication in critical environments, its use extends seamlessly to cover all field professionals, whether they're working in logistics, industry, or team management.

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PTT side button
Ideally designed for Push-To-Talk use, the side button can also be reprogrammed for countless other uses thanks to a dedicated application.
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Removable battery
With over 30 hours of battery life in permanent communication, it can be replaced in a single action without interrupting your mission.
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NFC tag
Thanks to its integrated NFC chip, the X-COMM instantly pairs with your smartphone, so you can get started with it straight away.
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120 dB speaker
Its powerful audio performance, multi-directional mesh and noise-cancelling technology guarantee crystal-clear communications in any situation.
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PTT central button
Ideally designed for Push-To-Talk use, the central button can also be reprogrammed for countless other uses thanks to a dedicated application.
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X-LINK connection
The X-COMM features X-LINK technology, ideal for recharging with the X-POWER STATION.
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Ideally positioned as close to the mouth as possible, guaranteeing crystal-clear communications in any situation.
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Red emergency call button
Ideally positioned and highlighted for rapid use, it provides an absolute guarantee for maintaining contact with your support team in distress situations.
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Indicate that the X-COMM feature is engaged.
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Jack 3.5 port
Plug in headphones to keep your communications private.
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Multifunction buttons
One button, multiple uses: On/off for the X-COMM, switch to discreet mode, disable Bluetooth, and reset to original settings.
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Volume + / -
Adjusts the audio output volume by either pressing it several times or simply holding the button down: When the audio volume is at minimum, discreet mode is automatically enabled.
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ENC microphone
The X-COMM has on-boarded environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology, making your direct communications even clearer thanks to its dedicated microphone.
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Battery locking
In a simple press of a button, you can unlock the X-COMM's removable battery to simply change it.
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Rubber protection
Coating which guarantees added protection for the X-COMM
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360° rotating click
Powerful and ergonomic, it means that the X-COMM can adapt to any uniform and any role.
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USB-C housing
Use wired mode with peace of mind thanks to this anti-breakout housing.
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USB-C charging port
USB-C connection to offer simple charging for your X-COMM.
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Battery indicators
The charge status is instantly signalled by 4 red LEDs, so that you're never caught short on battery level.
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Pairing QR CODE
Simply scan the dedicated QR Code to pair your smartphone with the X-COMM.
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Bluetooth ID
Save time by easily identifying your X-COMM amongst a fleet of detected devices thanks to its ID, which is clearly marked on its rear.



The X-COMM features two communication buttons, a 120 dB speaker, and a noise-reducing technology for crystal-clear conversations.


Bluetooth-compatible, the X-COMM also offers a wired connection option and can therefore be easily paired with your smartphone.


With its removable battery and its long battery life, combined with its automatic switching to Bluetooth if the wired connection is cut, the X-COMM will never let you down.


Its buttons can be customised via a dedicated application, and it has a resistant, rotating clip, meaning that X-COMM can be used for countless field operations.


Keep in contact

This remote microphone's two communication buttons can be used with a single hand and allow you to directly issue communications to two different channels.

In emergencies, you just need to press its red distress button, positioned for fast and easy access, keeping you in touch with your support team.


Walkie-talkie app
developed by Crosscall

The X-COMM is compatible with X-TALK and other Push-To-Talk applications on the market.

It's all in the details

As details can be the deciding factors, the Crosscall teams have positioned the X-COMM's microphone so that it's directed towards the voice, and they've added a multi-directional mesh over its 120 dB for better sound distribution.

Its noise-reducing technology (ENC), ideally directed towards your environment, guarantees that your communications will go through loud and clear, even when you're in a noisy environment.

• 120 dB speaker
• Background noise reduction


Infinite compatibility

This is a remote microphone which integrates into any mobile device fleet, for instant access: Pair it with your smartphones via one of its Bluetooth pairing modes (Android, NFC and QR-Code settings) or its wired connection (X-Link and USB-C), and set off on your missions, no hanging around!

• Bluetooth AND wired connection


Take control over the unexpected

The X-COMM's anti-breakout system guarantees the maintenance of your wired connection, even in the height of action. Even if this connection is cut off, thanks to the hard work of the Crosscall engineers, the connection automatically switches to Bluetooth. An innovative feature for a remote microphone, which ensures the continuity of your communications in real time, with no information loss.

When on mission, each second counts

The X-COMM's removable battery offers a long battery life (2240 mAh or 32 hours in constant communication). Should the battery level run low, its rear LED lights will alert you: the battery can then be easily replaced with another, so you can prolong your missions without any interruptions. A buffer energy reserve will take over while you change the battery, this way, you'll never lose the connection between your remote microphone and your smartphone!

• 32 hours in constant communication
• Easy battery replacement

Your most reliable team-mate

In the field, you'll never need to worry about how your remote microphone is faring: Its IP67 waterproofing and resistance to drops from up to 2m guarantee great reliability for the X-COMM, even in the most extreme situations.

IP67 waterproofing

Drops from 2m

Whatever you're wearing

Use the X-COMM whether you're static or on the go: Its high-resistance rotating clip, tried and tested thoroughly by our teams, can be attached however and wherever you need it.

Plus, you'll no longer waste time pulling your gloves on and off, as the optimal sensitivity of its fingertip buttons, designed to avoid accidental presses in the midst of action.

• 360° resistant clip
• Can be used with gloves


A tool that adapts to you

Lastly, a remote microphone that adapts fully to your use, whatever your line of work: With the buttons that can be customised via a dedicated application, you can adapt it to your specific needs.


Dedicated application
déveloped by Crosscall

Details of the X-COMM design


1. The X-COMM
2. USB-C/USB-A cable
3. USB-C/X-LINK cable
4. UBS-A mains power charger


Free and customised within 48 hours


Everything you need to know about the X-COMM can be found here :

CPU speed 160 MHz (MCU)
CPU specifications 32-bit RISC
Internal memory 4MB
RAM 896 KB
Bluetooth® connection technology (BT Stack) BT5.2 double mode
Bluetooth® data speed EDR:3Mbps / BLE:1Mbps
Bluetooth® class 1
Bluetooth® radio compatibility and baseline bandwidth Yes
Bluetooth® interface DMIC\I2S
Output power 10 dBm
Bluetooth® profile A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP, GATT
Bluetooth® links (ACL, SCO, eSCO, AFH) ACL, SCO, eSCO, AFH
Maximum Bluetooth® security mode 4
Transmitter modulation GFSK/DQPSK/8DPSK
Standard USB USB 2.0
USB type Type C
NFC functionality Read-only
Support Jack 3.5 Yes
Frequency response 200 Hz - 8 KHz
Frequency range F0-6 kHz resonance frequency reduction - 10 dB
Axial sensitivity 103 ± 3 dB SPL @ at 2.0 KHz on average (0 dB SPL=2 0μPa) at 10 cm 123 ± 3 dB SPL @ at 2.0 KHz on average (0 dB SPL=20 μPa) at 1 cm
Diameter 40 mm
Maximum power 2.2W
Nominal impedance
Minimum impedance 6,8Ω
Maximum SPL 120 dB SPL at 1 cm
Noise cancellation Yes
Amplifier type Analogue power amplifier
Frequency response 100 Hz - 8 Khz
Axial sensitivity -38dB(94dB SPL @1kHz)
Nominal impedance 450Ω
Maximum SPL -39dB(94dB SPL @1kHz)
Noise cancellation ENC 10 - 20 dB
Bass filter Yes
Echo cancellation Yes
Anti-feedback Yes
Number of microphones 2
Weight 245g
Length 118 mm
Width 72 mm
Height (thickness) 30 mm
Designed for drop tests 1.8 m
In communication 32 hours
On standby 264 hours
Battery capacity 2240 mAh
Battery charge time from 0% to 100% 2 hours
Battery type Li-polymer
Charge mode X-LINK / USB-C
Solution FOTA update / Local update by Android APK
Recommended optimal operating temp. range 0-40°C
Operating/supply voltage 3,35V~4,2V
System languages supported French, English
Dust- and waterproof rating IP67
Number of LEDs 3 (main unit: 1 green, 1 red / Battery: 4)
Number of programmable buttons 3
Optimal operating distance 2m (max 12m)
Pairing modes NFC, QR code, Android setting, IOS setting
Battery level indicators 4 (25/50/75/100%)
X-LINK TECHNOLOGY* Charging / Wired connection
Fastening system 360° MOLE-compatible rotating clamp
Customisation app X-COMM app

*Technology Magconn