€ 149,99


A new way to listen

Why choose between wearing an audio headset and staying tuned into your surroundings? Free up your ears and do both at the same time!

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  • Bone conduction technology
  • Long-distance communication using the ENC algorithm
  • 14 hours of battery life and weighs in at just 34g
€ 149,99
€ 149,99

A new way to listen

There are the classic headphones that sit over or inside the ears, and there are those that take a different route, like the X‑VIBES.

Using bone conduction technology, you can now enjoy optimal listening comfort while keeping your ears open, so you can stay aware of your surroundings. Whether in a co-working space, travelling, or simply on the move, enjoy the incredible experience of sound inside that doesn't cut you off from the outside.

X-VIBES are the ideal Bluetooth headphones for clear and effective communication, as well as for listening to all your favourite audio content. From podcasts to video-conferences, to phone calls, music, and more, their weight and exceptional battery life will make you forget they're even there.

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Bone conduction technology
to stay focused without being cut off from your surroundings

Clear communication
thanks to the microphone positioning and ENC feature

Ideal ergonomics
to keep you connect
all day long

14 hours of battery life
for a bone conduction headset that weighs in at just 34 grams

Stay connected, without tuning out

All day long
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At work

At work, you can stay tuned into your immediate surroundings. You'll be able to hear your colleague's questions, the forklift starting up, and the fire alarm sounding.
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Wherever you are

Picture this: You're on your morning job or travelling between posts, you're listening to your playlist or a podcast, but you can still hear all the noises around you, like approaching vehicles.
Oh yes. Keeping your ears free, doubling down on safety!
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All thanks to the use of innovative technology:

Bone conduction

Bone conduction: The innovative technology which sets your X-VIBES apart.

Thanks to this technology, sound is transmitted via vibrations in the temporal bone. Instead of going through the ear drum, it's directed straight into your inner ear (cochlea). This revolutionary idea was invented by Beethoven himself. To continue playing music despite his deafness, the musician held a rod between his teeth which transmitted the piano's vibrations through his jaw.

Don't worry, X-VIBES technology is much more comfortable (and practical)!

A long-lasting ally for your ear drums

Listen to a lot of audio content? Tend to crank up the volume without even realising?
CContrary to audio headsets or earphones, the listening mode offered by X-VIBES lets you listen for as long as you like without damaging your hearing. Since the sound doesn't go through your ear drums, they're protected from risks associated with long periods of listening or high volumes.

Because it's all in the details.

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MEMS microphone
Positioned close to your mouth, set into an ergonomic design, it guarantees effective sound capturing for your voice, even in more challenging environments (extreme temperatures, humidity, etc.). Other tips: It generates an optimal signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) which resists disturbances to provide crystal clear communications.
Vibrating membranes
The vibrating membranes form the core of bone conduction technology. They transmit the sound safely and optimally, from your temples to the cochlea, ensuring a listening experience like no other.
Noise-reducing microphone
Located on the same side as the voice microphone for boosted efficacy, this microphone integrates Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) technology to capture background noise around you and cancel it out. Whoever you're speaking to will only hear your voice.
The universal USB-C charging port means you can not only easily charge the headset, but you can do it in record time: It just takes 90 minutes for a full charge.
Volume adjustment buttons
Respecting your need to be in control without even thinking about it, the two + and - volume buttons are positioned to offer intuitive, quick and easy use. You can turn your X-VIBES headset on by holding down the + volume button.
Multi-function button
Missing a call is a hassle, as simple as that. The ergonomic design of X-VIBES doesn't leave anything down to chance and everything has been thought of with the perfect positioning of this button. Answer a call and hang up with a simple press of a button.
Anti-perspiration grip
The hoops by the ears are coated with a textured material with a soft-touch finish. A wise choice for long periods of wear and for avoiding the headset slipping, including slipping caused by sweat.
Titanium hoop
As robust as it is flexible, the X-VIBES hoop fits all head shapes and sizes without any unpleasant pressure points. You can even lend it to your kids. Plus, so that it can truly go wherever you do, it can also be worn underneath a protective helmet and with glasses.
200 mAh battery
The low-consumption 200 mAh battery provides you with some of the longest battery lives on the market: Up to 14 hours of conversation/music and 8 days on standby.

Feel the difference every day

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    More secure
    than classic headsets
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    than traditional headsets
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    More durable
    than most accessories
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    Easier to clean
    than headphones

Light as a feather, so you're free as a bird…

Want to experience listening in a unique way, without feeling like you're wearing an accessory?
Designed with your comfort in mind, the X-VIBES only weighs 34 g and has an ergonomic design that will accompany you wherever you go.
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for optimal comfort
200 mAh
14 hours of non-stop listening and communication
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Keep your mind clear and your hands free

Peace of mind requires a knowing blend of comfort and safety.
That's why the X-VIBES lets you wear it, whatever the day has in store for you. Climbing session or an attempt at roller-blading, e-training or a site visit? No problem! Your hands will be kept free, leaving you to focus on the task at hand. Plus, you can wear it with a protective helmet and your glasses or sunglasses. The result? You'll soon get used to wearing it everywhere you go and you'll only forget it when you use it!

Received loud and clear!

With the X-VIBES, you can enjoy crystal clear communication with no sour notes, even when you're in noisy places.
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X-VIBES offers high-quality sound capture, optimised by its MEMS microphone. Technology that guarantees stable performances in even the most challenging conditions (extreme temperatures, humidity, etc.) and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Positioned set into the headset, the microphone is close to your mouth without adding bulk. The second microphone captures the noises around you and uses Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) technology to stamp them out.
The shape of its cavity reduces sound disturbances while the rounded angles smooth out whistling noises. To sum it up, whoever you're talking to will be all ears for you!

The X-VIBES has been designed to capture and optimally reconstitute sounds from human voices, whatever their tone.

Control at your fingertips…

It's these little details that make your day-to-day a little easier. The size and positioning of the control buttons and the adjustment features of the X-VIBES make it intuitive to use, from the very first wear. With each control action (accepting or declining calls, skip track, volume adjustment, etc.), you'll hear a sound signal to confirm it.
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...or without lifting a finger.

The "Google assistant" voice-activated assistant lets you carry out actions hands-free. No more need to pull your smartphone out of your pocket or bag every two minutes. Simply say what you want to do into your headset. Genius!
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Integrated Push-to-Talk feature

The X-VIBES is compatible with CROSSCALL's X-TALK application and the Push-to-Talk applications available on the market. You just need to press the button on your headset to talk to several people at the same time, instantly. Just like with a walkie-talkie, but with no distance limits…
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X-TALK Walkie-talkie application developed by CROSSCALL
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No more clock-watching

Do you like it when your accessories are as full of energy as you are? Well, you've found the right one for you. With a 200 mAh battery and low-consumption Bluetooth connectivity, the X-VIBES gives you up to 10 hours of continuous listening. When it does eventually ask you to recharge its battery, simply grab its USB-C cable and you're all set!

*with a 500 mAh charge
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8 days
in standby
90 minutes
for a full charge*
of battery life in conversation or listening mode

It won't let you down…

Whether it's in your personal or professional life, some days can be more intense than others. Good news: Designed to last and with a 2-year guarantee, the X-VIBES is an excellent choice for users who want to keep a handle on their environmental impact and for companies committed to a CSR protocol that want to put an end to programmed redundancies and welcome in a French brand actively committed to the cause.
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Irresistibly resistant
Your headset's fallen off? No drama. Its high-powered design has anticipated this kind of unexpected issue, avoiding nasty surprises if you drop your phone, covered from heights up to 1.80 metres. Backed by drop tests! It's worth noting that the X-VIBES is made with a single piece of moulded plastic alloy, meaning it is both rigid and flexible, giving it ideal impact-resistance.
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Impressively waterproof
The X-VIBES can fearlessly take on even the most critical of conditions (rain, snow, extreme temperatures, etc.). Plus, it offers remarkable waterproofing, with IP67 certification, meaning it can resist immersion in up to 1 metre of water. The main microphone is covered with a micro-perforated GORE™ membrane which protects it from liquids while letting air pass through. That's not all! The USB-C connector is also waterproof, and the addition of a cap doubles its protection against sweat, salt water, chlorinated water, etc.

So, sweat away and just regularly rinse it to enjoy an accessory with faultless hygiene and feel comfortable lending it for others to use.
Guaranteed drop to 1.80m


  • A 60 cm universal USB-C charging cable.
  • A pair of ear plugs to isolate you from surrounding noise, or to boost the immersive listening experience.
  • A protective cover to take your headset with you wherever you go, including when you're on the move.
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Free and customised within 48 hours

Customise your X-VIBES

With its «X-VIBES app», personalise yourX-VIBES according to your desires. Youcan rename your X-VIBES to identifyit more easily in the list of devicesdetected by your phone and access thelatest software updates


Dedicated application
déveloped by Crosscall


Everything you need to know about the X-VIBES can be found here :

Bluetooth QCC3024
Speaker type Bone conduction speaker, 1w dual speaker
Battery status Capacity: 200mAh, Voltage: 3.7V
Temperature: -20 +50°C, Weight: about 4g
Type: Lithium-Ion Polymer
Microphone Dual noise cancelling microphone
(GoerTek MEMS, model: S150T381-015)
Talk time 12 hrs with volume at 100%, 14 hrs with volume at 80%
Standby time 10 days
Effective range 10 metres
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Bluetooth version 5.1
Weight 34 grams
Bluetooth class (1/II) Class II
Bluetooth profile a2dp/HFP,HSP,AVRCP,GAVDP,AVDTP
Reception sensitivity 88 dBm
Frequency range 20-20KHz
Charger USB-C charger - Charged in 1 hr 30
(charger not included)
Cable length 60cm
TF card No
System Language English
Usage temperature -10°C / +50°C
IP standard IP67
Waterproofing 1m / 30 min
Drop test 1,8m