A unique guarantee on the
telephony market.

Our greatest promise 

A five-year hardware warranty  

As well as reflecting the durability of our products, this warranty could make a real difference on the telephony market, where the duration of manufacturers' warranties for the majority of phones is still only two years. At CROSSCALL we strive to design devices that last, so that we can move away from the current cycle of feverish smartphone replacement, which is much too fast and bad for the planet.  

This warranty will be retroactive on all 5-series products, including those available prior to the launch of this warranty, such as the CORE-M5 and the ACTION-X5. 


Our new devices with 5-year guarantees have high-quality lithium-ion batteries which can withstand extreme temperatures and combine low-energy consumption components.

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Replacing your battery

Constantly aware of our aim to prolong the life span of our products and, in turn, avoid unnecessary purchases, we're committed to replace any faulty battery and any batteries presenting excessive loss of charge or battery life. As robust as your battery is, its performances can deteriorate over the years due to the intensity of its use, or simply because of the chemical ageing that happens over time.

Don't worry! Our unique 5-year guarantee means that you'll get a replacement, at no extra charge for you, when the following criteria are met:

  • Capacity below or equal to 70%: The battery has lost its original capacity and no longer offers the same battery life.


  • Number of complete charge cycles below or equal to 850: If you haven't reached this threshold number of charging cycles, the battery will be replaced.


5 years of guarantee cover… This protection is unique on the market, offering you ultimate peace of mind. However, it doesn't hurt to adopt some good habits that will prolong the life span of your battery.

Keeping the charge level at between 20% and 80%, using automatic brightness management, enabling the battery saver, closing background task applications… Explore all our top tips for taking care of your battery.

Preserve your battery

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Software support  

The best Android certification that exists

Make sure you choose the ideal solution. All Crosscall phones, Gold members of the Android Enterprise Partner Program, are AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) certified.

CROSSCALL is committed to 5 years of security updates from the date of first sale on models in the 5 range.
CROSSCALL's commitment regarding security updates for each model can be viewed here: find out more about security patch updates.
Crosscall is also committed to a minimum of one OS upgrade for each of its smartphones:

• 3 major Android OS updates for the STELLAR-X5
• 2 major Android OS updates for the CORE-Z5
• 1 major Android OS update for other Crosscall models

This long-term software support guarantees optimum performance over time and extends the lifespan of the smartphone.  

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Five-year hardware warranty 

So many benefits - it all adds up!   

For business professionals  

Peace of mind: You provide your employees with a reliable and long-lasting operational solution. 

A sustainable choice: By opting for durable hardware that you won't need to rush to replace, you reduce your environmental impact, increase your operational capacity and contribute to your company's CSR goals.  

Profitability: Benefit from an optimal TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) thanks to a longer service life and a device less prone to replacements by capitalising on the robustness and resistance of CROSSCALL products. This allows you to make substantial savings on your budget, which you can then devote to other areas of work. 

Productivity: Make sure your company enjoys optimal efficiency by avoiding an employee being unable to work because of a phone that is out of order. And finally, you can sell your mobile fleet at an attractive price if it is still under warranty. 

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Check out our products hardware guaranteed for five years 

A story of design 

A five-year warranty doesn't happen overnight  

Increasing the three-year warranty meant making something that was already durable even more so. 

In addition to maintaining the major developments that allowed us to lay the foundations on which the three-year warranty was built, in recent years, work on design (hardware and software) and testing on our devices has made significant progress. 

Progress that means our customers can now benefit from even more durable products. We use our experience to make your experience the best it can be, all the while increasing your options. 

• Development of the CROSSCALL Standards: Crosscall devices must meet demanding specifications to guarantee their manufacturing quality. It all starts at the design stage, with the careful selection of materials and components that have a longer lifespan, followed by a rigorous assembly process, carried out in an automated way to ensure a high level of precision. And finally, no less than 300 tests designed to reproduce the different scenarios that could arise in real life.  

• X-LAB, a laboratory designed to excel: Located in our headquarters in Aix-en-Provence, where we carry out all the tests on our devices, replicating as closely as possible your everyday life and use. For example, it is the same device that undergoes the resistance tests before being subjected to the waterproofing tests, because it is almost never a new smartphone that falls into the water.  

• On the software side, to extend the durability of our devices, our engineers have chosen • On the software side, to extend the durability of our devices, our engineers have chosen components that have a longer lifespan, such as Qualcomm's long-life processors. 

Improved speaker and microphone grills across the entire range to prevent dust and the finest particles from entering.  

• Increase from 13 to 15 tests to achieve military standard MIL–STD 810H 

Durable and repairable!  

To further extend their lifespan, all CROSSCALL products have been specially designed to make sure that their components can be easily replaced by approved repair centres.  

In addition, CROSSCALL has undertaken to make spare parts for its devices available for a period of ten years. *

*Spare parts are available for as long as the new product is available for sale, and for a period of ten years from the product's end-of-sale date, as indicated on the website.  

Thinking about the planet is in our nature 

Our role, as a company, is to offer durable products and encourage more sustainable consumption. The world in which we live is constantly changing. Environmental issues are now too important for us not to change our habits.  

The extraction, transport and transformation of the raw materials needed to design a smartphone represents 75% of the environmental impact, but also a sizeable part of the social impact, too. 

This is why extending the useful life of our products and reducing our use of virgin materials is one of our priorities. 

Technology needs to contribute to protecting the environment and be based on sensible and sustainable exploitation of natural resources.  And so, by opting for a CROSSCALL product, you are helping to protect the planet's resources and reducing your carbon footprint over time. 

At CROSSCALL, we do everything possible to make our smartphones more durable, right from their design.  Choosing a smartphone with one of the best repairability indexes on the market and a long warranty means acting in favour of a more responsible digital world.