Designing more responsible products and services by taking into account their impacts throughout their whole life cycle - and continuously seeking to extend their useful life.

more responsible products

Our company's main environmental impacts are generated by our products themselves. So, reducing their impact - from design to end-of-life - is the most powerful lever for improving our company's overall impact.

To achieve this, we design robust, durable products, both hardware and software, that are easy to repair and recycle at the end of their life. We involve our users in the design process so that our products durably meet their real needs.

Finally, we see ecodesign as a process of continuous improvement, with new fields to explore, while measuring the effects of our design choices on the overall impacts of our products.

Our actions

Carried out during the 2024 financial year*

New developments in ecodesign

The STELLAR-X5 is the first Crosscall model to contain recycled materials (26%).

It is the result of a long and complex research project that sought the perfect convergence of robustness, design and ecodesign.



Life Cycle Assessment for the STELLAR-X5

Crosscall carried out a life cycle assessment (LCA) of its latest smartphone model. The aim was to measure its environmental impacts over its entire life cycle: from the extraction of natural resources to end-of-life recycling, including transport and energy consumption during use.

The results were used to enrich our ecodesign roadmap and to prioritise our next areas of research.


Projects for fiscal year 2025*: 

Systematically include ecodesign criteria into the specifications of products under development

Deploy the actions identified in the ecodesign roadmap

*Our CSR objectives are based on Crosscall’s fiscal years. Example : the 2025 fiscal year runs from 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025.

To find out more about this pillar, please consult our CSR Report.

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