This is how we act ethically and responsibly

Assuming our business responsibility by limiting our impact on the environment, keeping a close watch on safety and conducting business ethically.

being a
responsible corporate citizen

It is our duty to contribute to the fight against global warming by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Our Environmental Policy formalises this duty through 3 commitments: measuring our impact, extending the life of our products and encouraging more responsible behaviours. Each year, we voluntarily calculate our carbon footprint for scopes 1-3 using the GHG Protocol methodology.

We are equally vigilant in ensuring the safety of our products through a series of checks from design to manufacture, and in monitoring our compliance through our dedicated regulatory watch department. 

We also attach great importance to protecting the data of our employees, users and partners. This approach is governed by an Information Systems Security Policy (ISSP).

Finally, we are committed to combating all forms of corruption and to acting in accordance with ethical principles, as illustrated by our internal Ethics Charter and the fact that we are United Nations Global Compact signatories.

Our actions

Carried out in fiscal year 2024*

Measuring and reducing our emissions

Measuring our carbon footprint, enables us to identify our main sources of emissions and to prioritise the actions we need to take to reduce them.

Our efforts to reduce emissions are focused on optimising the impact of our products through ecodesign, but also on changing our internal practices.

For example, we design the booths we use at tradeshows for long-term use: 95% of the components can be reused from one exhibition to the next. This year we also opted for a green energy contract, which now covers 75% of our consumption in France.

Continuous improvement in information systems security 

As part of the ongoing training of our employees in cybersecurity, we launched phishing simulation campaigns, constantly adapting the content to current trends in attacks.

In addition, the skills of our Information Systems Security Manager have been demonstrated by his certification to the ISO 27001 standard, ensuring that our internal approach is aligned with the international standard.


Projects for fiscal year 2025*:

Define greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets that are compatible with scientific recommendations.

Review our internal mapping of ethical risks

Pursue the deployment of awareness-raising programmes on ethics and cybersecurity

*Our CSR objectives are set based on Crosscall’s fiscal years. Example : the 2025 fiscal year runs from April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025.

To find out more about this pillar, please consult our CSR Report.

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