This is how we care for our teams

Attracting, developing, rewarding and engaging a diverse workforce while caring for their well-being.

personal development

It's the people who work at Crosscall who drive our ambition to manufacture more durable telephony products and contribute to our transformation, particularly in terms of CSR.

We are committed to our 181 employees through our Human Resources Policy, which aims to develop a stimulating working environment that promotes employee well-being and is in keeping with Crosscall’s culture.

We take steps to develop our employees' skills and offer them opportunities for career development. We attach great importance to providing a quality working environment, guaranteeing conditions that respect the health and safety of our teams, establishing constructive social dialogue and promoting inclusion and diversity. Finally, we take care to create a strong bond between our teams, from the moment they join Crosscall.

Our actions

Carried out in fiscal year 2024*

Skills, training and career development

This year saw the completion of a new phase in our Job and Career Management approach: the mapping of all Crosscall positions and their integration into the HR management tool.

More than 50% of our employees attended at least one training course this year.  In addition, we continue to support our managers in their roles via a dedicated program combining group training, individual coaching and workshops.

Promoting gender equality

This year, we achieved an overall score of 88/100 in our Gender Equality index*, 4 points higher than last year! We have formalised an action plan internally to pursue our efforts to promote gender equality.

This action plan was also enriched by the lessons learned during the improvisation theatre workshops on the theme of "diversity and equality between men and women in the workplace", that were organized during European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW).

* Results for the calendar year 2023. According to French law and in order to fight wage inequalities between women and men, companies with more than 50 employees must implement a gender equality index out of 100 and publish the results.


Projects for fiscal year 2025*:

Carry out a Wellbeing at Work audit using an internally-formalized reference framework

Implement tools to become a learning company (enabling everyone to take autonomous and continuous training)

Supporting a refugee woman toward a promising career in the digital and tech sector, in partnership with a European NGO

*Our CSR objectives are set based on Crosscall’s fiscal years. Example : the 2025 fiscal year runs from April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025.

To find out more about this pillar, please consult our CSR Report.

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