Crosscall presents its very first remote speaker/microphone: X-COMM

   -   March 9, 2023

Crosscall reveal its latest innovative product, the X-COMM. This remote speaker/microphone has been designed especially to meet the specific needs of professionals in the field, for whom group communications are essential to ensure they can run optimal operations. Compatible with all smartphones, the X-COMM is the first remote speaker/microphone on the market to provide both wired and Bluetooth connection options.

Firefighter with Crosscall smartphone and walkie-talkie

For several years now, the strategic market for group communications has undergone almost non-stop changes. We've seen the progressive replacement of old systems with 2G-equivalent technology. Local police forces, military police and community fire and rescue services previously used their own communication systems, meaning that liaison between different units was practically impossible. Since the November 2015 terrorist attacks, the realisation has dawned that these communication means have become obsolete, and that it is now more necessary than ever before to switch to a secure, extremely high-speed universal system, guaranteeing interoperable interactions. The challenge is to support these professionals with the digital transition of their uses, creating reactive group communications, which are essential for optimal operations.

Based in Aix-en-Provence, Crosscall is wholeheartedly invested in this sector, in which its expertise in critical communications is recognised by the even most exacting stakeholders in France and Europe (Ministry for the Interior and Ministry for the Armed Forces, as well as large-scale European projects).

The Aix-en-Provence brand, which supplied France's law enforcement agencies with more than 280,000 terminals under the NEO contract, has conducted technological research at development, prioritising the seeking of solutions for this new use.

The X-COMM is therefore a new accessory that is part of an overall ecosystem, designed to support professionals in achieving extremely high-speed 4G/5G group communications. This crucial challenge for emergency services is also relevant to many other sectors, including logistics, industry and sports coaching.

Connected to its wearer's smartphone, the X-COMM is handled and used in the same way as standard radio devices, meaning users can get to grip with it pretty much instantly.

Emergency doctor using the Crosscall X-COM remote microphone
Crosscall Waterproof Remote Speaker Microphone

All of Crosscall's extensive expertise in a speaker/microphone

With the X-COMM's two push-to-talk buttons (front and side), you can liaise with two different groups, without any information getting lost in communication. Thanks to its dimensions and the size and positioning of its buttons, the device offers an incredibly user-friendly design.

The X-COMM has two microphones: The first is ideally positioned for picking up your voice, and the second is equipped with ENC (environmental noise cancellation) technology, so whoever you're communicating with can hear you loud and clear, without any interference from background noise. Able to reach audio performances of up to 120 dB, the X-COMM speaker is fitted with an analogue power amplifier which will ensure crystal-clear communication, even in the noisiest environments. If a critical situation arises, there is a large, red emergency button on top of the accessory that you can press. If you are cut off mid-communication while using the wired connection, Crosscall has developed a technological solution ensuring that the device automatically switches to a Bluetooth connection, so you have continuous communication in all situations.

Following a lot of feedback from field operatives, Crosscall has implemented different options for the X-COMM. In the interests of end users, there are two connection options: Bluetooth (Android, NFC and QR code settings) and wired (X-LINK and USB-C).

AN X-COMM that ADAPTEs to its user

The X-COMM's buttons can be configured directly on the dedicated app. Users can choose to tailor it to their own personal requirements and configure it in discreet mode, as suits. They can decide how to manage notifications and profiles, and ensure the necessary updates for it, in order to keep operating efficiently. A new feature has been added to the app, so you can now set your X-COMM to ring in a crowd to locate it.

Optimal reliability for use in critical situations

Equipped with a 2240 mAh battery (which offers 32 hours of continuous communication, the X-COMM is ideal for handling unexpected situations without losing your cool. The user can always see the remaining battery level  thanks to the four LED lights on the rear. If it's running low, the removable battery is easy to replace with another, so professionals can keep working and get the job done, whatever the circumstances.

With its high-resistance 360° rotating clip, the X-COMM can be attached to any material, regardless of what the user is wearing. For the most critical situations, Crosscall has also designed an anti-breakout system for the wired connection.

Designed with the French brand's DNA at the forefront, the X-COMM can continue operating in even the harshest conditions: Pouring rain, working at heights, long-duration assignments, repeated drops (2 m maximum). As the X-COMM is IP67-certified, it can withstand immersion in up to 1 metre of water.

Firefighter using X-COM walkie talkie linked to Crosscall smartphone