How to create an amazing holiday movie with a smartphone ?

   -   July 27, 2020

Just like every summer, you will take numerous videos with your smartphone during your holidays. Videos that will more often than not remain stored on your telephone without ever being reused. And if you were motivated to make a real film for once? A great way of keeping a souvenir of your holidays and sharing it with your loved ones. Discover our tips for creating a stylish film using your smartphone!



Before anything else, ensure you have the right equipment to follow you on your adventures. If you want to shoot outdoors, on or in the water, opt for a watertight smartphone that is resistant to both heat and cold. At CROSSCALL, our telephones meet IP67 or IP68 standards, which means they are resistant to all solid bodies and liquids. They are also resistant to both heat and cold.


Also remember that you need to have space to store your « rushes » (1). CROSSCALL smartphones have a dual SIM tray so that you can add a microSD card and thus increase your multimedia storage space. Your telephone’s battery life will also be an important point. The last thing you want is for your battery to run out just as the sun is setting! You can also arm yourself with an external battery so that you’re never out of power. If you have a CROSSCALL smartphone, the X-POWER external battery will you to recharge your phone wherever you are, without even having to plug in, thanks to the X-LINK™ by Magconn Technology.


Consider accessories for onboard images or to get closer to the action. With the telescopic stick, film yourself in selfie mode, and with the X-STICK from CROSSCALL, transform your stick into a tripod for a more stable image and start your videos from a distance using its Bluetooth remote control. If you want to film when mountain biking, kayaking or during another activity, choose the X-CHEST, a chest mount harness that will allow you to keep your hands free.


(1) Shots from the film as they appear on return from development, before the editing choice.





  • Always film in the same direction. Film in either landscape or portrait mode, according to the format you want to share.
  • Avoid filming with the front camera as the quality is often lower.
  • Also avoid zooming in: smartphones are equipped with a digital zoom that risks degrading the image quality.
  • Film rushes of 5 to 30 seconds in length, this will make it simpler for you to get your bearings when editing.
  • If you take close-ups, ensure that they last at least three seconds.
  • If you want to include dialogue, wait for a second or two after starting recording before beginning to talk.
  • Anticipate your transitions with specific shots. To do this, use decorative transition elements. This could be an object, a wall or even the sky. The idea is to keep a degree of continuity in your shots and to end up with the impression at the end of one shot and the start of another that its is the same image. For example, you follow one subject and they calmly track up to the sky. The next shot must start with this snapshot of the sky and then you move back down to your subject in another area. Clear?




Now that everything is in the can, it’s time to edit. If you have a CROSSCALL smartphone, the X-STORY editing app is perfect. Simple and intuitive, this application will allow you to edit your film wherever you are and in next to no time.


Step one, choose the shots. Before loading all your videos into your editing app’s library, be sure to carry out an initial sort using “Favourites”. Then choose your music in line with the atmosphere you want to recreate, and the shots taken. For perfect synchronization with the music, play with the rhythm of your videos. Change from normal mode to fast forward mode via slow motion work on your transitions to make your film as fluid as possible. Once your film is ready, all you have to do is export and share it! With X-STORY, share your content on social media directly from the app, in just a few moments. 




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