CCI VAR case study

« Your products are all about sturdiness»






What was the main issue you faced?
We equip employees who work in marinas and commercial ports. Previously, we worked with smartphones described as "semi-rugged", but we needed a product more suited to their uses and their needs. The Crosscall brand was introduced to us via our carrier.

What were your selection criteria when buying our mobiles?
Lots of criteria led us to decide upon your products. Among these was the double SIM feature. The people who we tend to equip with phones always have a work line and a personal one on them. In ports, they also sometimes have duty phones with freephone numbers. So they soon find themselves with 3 phones in their pocket and that's a lot!
What's more, these teams are called upon to attend international trade fairs. So they buy local SIM cards to benefit from cost-efficient call rates. Having two SIM slots is therefore essential in their daily life


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