As the start of the Route du Rhum approaches, the Crosscall Sailing Team and Aurélien Ducroz unveil their new video creation. "DUO" plunges us into the world of solo sailing where the skipper is never truly alone. He is one with his boat and it is this fusion between man and machine, where every movement is synchronised and where the sounds are like a language, which gives all its meaning to ocean racing. Together, they form a "Duo" that we invite you to discover on video.

A team's ambition

Crosscall, the French specialist in ultra-resistant and waterproof smartphones and tablets, and Aurélien Ducroz, two-time world champion freeride skier and sailor, have joined forces to build a Class40 prototype. This partnership will take them to the Route du Rhum in 2022.

Aurélien ducroz

Double freeride world champion and navigator


Crosscall, the French specialist in ultra-resistant and waterproof smartphones and tablets.


Greenweez is the French and European leader in online sales of organic and ecological products.

Many partners
on board

La Rochelle - Juin 2022

Innovating for performance

As the first boat to use the new class rule, the Crosscall Class40 is, like all prototypes, a unique ocean racing boat. 

Both more powerful and faster, its structure has required special attention and several updates to its plans as it has been built to ensure greater reliability.

"It's exactly as I imagined it"

Aurélien wanted to be able to shape the lines of this prototype according to his vision, as he did when he designed his own skis or the plans for his chalets in Chamonix.  
To support him in this technical and technological challenge, he and the Crosscall Sailing Team decided to work with Marc Lombard Design, a team of experts in the design of high-performance and reliable Class40s, such as the Lift V1 that won the 2018 Route du Rhum.

Crosscall technology is at the heart of the onboard electronics and will allow Aurélien to monitor the boat's performance wherever he is on the boat. It will also allow him to capture life on board and to produce immersive live footage at the start and finish of races.

Pixel sur Mer
The Crosscall is the first Class40 to be equipped with the Pixel sur Mer solution, previously reserved for IMOCA class boats.  

An ever more elaborate design

3D Reveal of the Class40 CROSSCALL

From the decision to the creation of the CROSSCALL SAILING TEAM, discover the genesis of the project.

Dive into the heart of its design, from the creation of the plans to the manufacture of the moulds.

Infusion and closing of the box, the last steps in the manufacture of the Class40 CROSSCALL.

The launch of the Class40 CROSSCALL

Relive the great moment of her launch.

over time

Sustainable materials 

The chute, drainpipe, galley tray and the symbolic chart table are made entirely of bio-based flax fibre. The engine cowling, cap, unsinkable tray and door are made from a mix of flax and glass fibres.

Duplicating for greater reliability 

The design and construction of a racing boat is a real engineering project that requires thinking of alternatives to ensure consistent reliability. For example, on the Class40 CROSSCALL, several components and functions have been duplicated.

Made in France

The construction of Class40 166 has also been based on short circuits and can boast 100% French production.

Visit the Class40 CROSSCALL and focus on the choices made in terms of decoration, materials and onboard technology.


The open sea, the start and finish of a race, life on the open sea... Discover, through a series of photos, life on board the Class40. 


See the Class40 in action

Le Chant du Large - Transat Jacques Vabre 2021


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