DALKIA case study

« The technicians no longer leave their phones in their vehicles as they can now use them in all conditions!»

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As someone who manages all the company phones within your organisation, what is your role?
We supply and manage the company’s pool of mobile devices (phones and tablets) for all employees across the group. We therefore cover our 500 technicians across France, based at 70 offices.

Can you tell us more about the day-to-day activities of your technicians?
Our technicians are responsible for installing and conducting maintenance on our product solutions (cool stores, heating, ventilation, etc.). One minute they’ll be on a call-out and the next they’ll be meeting a customer. Often, they’re working in demanding conditions.

And why did you choose Crosscall?
To do what they do, our technicians need devices that can handle sharp drops in temperature (in the cold stores) as well as humid environments. Your average phone isn’t able to withstand the temperature changes that our technicians encounter, for example, when they spend a prolonged stretch in a cold store!

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