Photo video application developed by Crosscall that turns your smartphone into an Action Cam and allows you to film your adventures from all angles. 

Angle management, advanced stabilisation, Hyperstab to correct the horizon.

Available on TREKKER-X4 and ACTION-X5


X-CAM is a photo/video capture application developed by Crosscall. It is available on selected Crosscall products. 


A feature called "TouchLock" is available in the application.

To activate it, simply click on the water drop at the top right of the interface.

Once activated, use the physical buttons on the phone to:

  • Start / Stop recording
  • Change mode
  • Change camera*

 *only available on ACTION-X5

To deactivate it, simply click the ON/OFF button 3 times.

The basic principle of HDR is to take several shots as quickly as possible, with varying exposure times. Then, an algorithm takes care of drawing a single photo which exploits the best exposed lights and the best dark areas. The idea here is to recover the best of each image in terms of shadow and light areas.

Yes, just go to the application settings and set the "storage" setting to SD card recording*.

*not available for the Dahscam on the ACTION-X5

Hyperstab is Crosscall's own video stabilisation that corrects the horizon level.

If the phone is tilted, the image will remain straight*.

*at +/- 360° for the TREKKER-X4

* at +/- 10° for the ACTION-X5


On the TREKKER-X4, you just have to go to the Settings and click on the "Exposure" parameter.

On the ACTION-X5, you have 2 possibilities:

  • Directly on the preview area by clicking once on the screen and then slid up or down
  • In the settings as on the TREKKER-X4

The X-CAM application does not include a filter.

To add one, you must use a third-party application after capturing your photo.

The X-CAM app does not allow you to edit your photos.

You will have to use third-party applications such as Google Photos, Snapseed, Lightroom, Instagram…

The physical buttons on your phone can help you use the X-CAM application.

The soft button at the bottom right of your phone allows you to : Start / Stop recording

The volume - button allows you to : Change mode*       

* The + button allows you to go the other way on the TREKKER-X4

The volume + button allows you to: Change the camera**   

**only available on ACTION-X5

Simply access the soft button settings in your settings and choose "Camera" or "Application" and then choose the X-CAM.