IZIPASS case study

« The reinforced screen of CROSSCALL
products is a real bonus »




How does your company organise its mobile phone pool?
We equip our customers with our Izipass solutions that are built into devices We've deployed Crosscall smartphones at the Basilic & Co chain as well as the VATEL establishments (VATEL café & VATEL gourmet).

What was the main issue you faced?
The disadvantage of the catering industry and therefore for our customers is that they have dirty, greasy and wet hands. When they clear a table or a plate, our waiters are put to the test. Most of the time, waiters have their mobiles at waist height: one knock against the edge of a table and the screen breaks!

Had you encountered other competing manufacturer solutions?
We had worked with a non "rugged" smartphone brand and despite the casing protection the screens still cracked and the responsiveness of the terminal was not ideal. We also approached other device brands but they were not smartphones. Their usage was therefore very restricted.


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