SDIS VAL D'OISE case study

« We have 110,000 interventions per year
and to date we have not encountered any
breakages or breakdowns. »


CORE-T4 tablets in the SDIS 95 fleet

110 000

interventions per year


What was your issue?
We wanted to digitalise all of our clinical records. For that purpose, we were looking for operational tablets to install in our ambulances. It was not possible to use just any equipment as the tablets had to meet very specific requirements

What were your needs? What was at stake?
We wanted a Bluetooth tablet to enable data transfer with our medical devices and evaluate data such as heart rate, blood pressure or oxygen saturation in the blood.
The camera was also important. It allows us to photograph the wounds and then determine which centres are suitable to treat the victim. We send the photos to the specialised centre even before treating or dressing the wound. All the hospitals in the Paris region are now able to receive digital photos. Similarly, the use of a camera has a second important function for us: photographing the prescription to keep a record of it and combining it with the patient’s clinical record.

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