ZIG-ZAG case study

« In terms of use, the CROSSCALL phone perfectly suits our activity. »




How did you come across Crosscall?
I discovered Crosscall at a time when I wanted to change my mobile phone. I was using it everyday on the track and I was with a competing brand that was not resistant and my phone got broken several times. The first steps I took with the brand happened very naturally. It really made my life easier to be able to switch to a resistant phone.

On the track, what are your main issues?
I need to always be reachable. It is essential to have a battery that lasts all day: I must be reachable by customers and mechanics. The phone is our professional tool. We use the video and photo features a lot during driving courses. We use the phone to film a section or a turn, to then be able to improve routes and correct small errors.


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