Matthew Burchell: The Driving Force Behind Crosscall's Innovative Expansion into the UK & Ireland

   -   February 29, 2024

As Head of Business Development for Crosscall in the UK&I, Matthew Burchell brings close to a decade of specialised experience in enterprise mobility, automation, and networking solutions. Known for his dynamic leadership and commitment to delivering value, Matthew is at the forefront of Crosscall's mission to redefine the rugged smartphone market in the British Isles. In his role, Matthew is responsible for strategising Crosscall's growth, developing its market share and leveraging his expansive industry network. He will be the keystone for the UK and Irish markets, spearheading innovation to create tailored solutions that address the challenging demands of customers.

With a rich background in enterprise mobility, what animates you about leading Crosscall's venture into the UK and Ireland? 

Matthew Burchell: "It's a thrilling time to be at the helm of Crosscall's expansion. With my experience, I see a remarkable opportunity to introduce our rugged, innovative devices to a market craving durability and design in one professional tool. The UK and Ireland are ripe for a revolution in enterprise mobility, and Crosscall is poised to lead it." 

Why is the timing perfect for Crosscall to enter these markets? 

Matthew : "Market dynamics have aligned perfectly. There's a gap in the market for devices that blend toughness with aesthetic appeal. Enterprises are looking for technology that can withstand the rigours of professional usage while offering the elegance and ease-of-use they've come to expect from consumer devices. Crosscall stands ready to meet and exceed these demands." 

Matthew Burchell - Crosscall country manager UK and Ireland
crosscall smartphone design

How do Crosscall's products stand out, especially in these competitive B2B and B2G sectors? 

Matthew : "At Crosscall, we do not just create devices; we engineer experiences. Our products are designed around the user's needs, ensuring they're robust enough for the field yet sophisticated for the office. We're not merely entering the market; we're redefining it with our unique ecosystem of devices and accessories that cater to every aspect of professional life. Right from the start, Cyril Vidal, Crosscall’s founder, created a mobile phone to answer his personal durability needs. Ever since, user-centric design has been in our DNA. Today, our exceptional R&D team based in the South of France continues to strive to find creative solutions to satisfy our clients’ requirements. 

"Crosscall stands alone as the sole mobile enterprise to extend a 5-year warranty on our devices, ensuring an unrivalled Total Cost of Ownership. Our smartphones and tablets merge the ruggedness required for the toughest environments with the elegance desired in the boardroom, truly encapsulating the best of both worlds. Our commitment is further evidenced by our substantial presence in the Defence and Security sectors, with over 350,000 devices deployed, underscoring our established reputation for rapid delivery and service excellence.” 

The BAPCO show is a significant event. What goal does Crosscall wish to achieve by attending the show? 

Matthew : "BAPCO is more than an event; it's a platform for Crosscall to showcase our commitment to public safety and enterprise solutions. We're there to demonstrate that our technology isn't just about withstanding the elements; it's about enhancing productivity and ensuring safety. We aim to engage with industry professionals and build lasting partnerships that will cement our place in the market. Today, we are on the verge of securing significant contracts with the region’s top distributors in Telecommunications and rugged devices. 

Looking forward, what is your vision for Crosscall's impact in the UK and Ireland? 

Matthew : "Our vision is clear : to become the leading brand for rugged technology in the region by providing a promise of efficiency, security, safety and reliability in an elegant package. Our continued investment in innovation and customer satisfaction will drive our growth, with the objective of turning every user of a Crosscall device into a lifelong advocate for the brand." 

firefighters with crosscall smartphone

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