-   April 12, 2023

Crosscall, manufacturer of ultra-resistant and durable smartphones and tablets, is delighted to reveal a brand new accessory: X-SCAN. Once attached to the back of the smartphone, this optical scanner module transforms it into a reliable and high-performance mobile scanner. With this latest offering, the French brand is supporting professionals with their merchandise identification and traceability challenges by offering them a modern and innovative solution. Designed and manufactured in France, and coming with a 5-year guarantee, X-SCAN is the perfect tool for any stakeholders in the market wanting to optimise their investment by grouping their uses into a single device - their smartphone.


The smartphone has taken up an essential place in the digitalisation of the work of countless field professionals. With endless usage possibilities, it enables them to accomplish a multitude of tasks with a single device. Several sectors are already undergoing this digital transformation, and that of logistics and transport is not far behind. It's started its own technological revolution with the development of new identification and traceability solutions, directly paired with smartphones.

Crosscall, which already equips several companies in the sector, such as Lahaye Global Logistics, Mauffrey and GEFCO, is on-hand to help with the challenges presented by this digital transformation. Thanks to the smartphone and high-speed networks, companies can now access a whole range of features (company telephony, instant group communication, geolocation, etc.) with a single device - the smartphone. A real paradigm shift in the professional world, where you generally need to get a dedicated device, which is often costly, for each use. An advantage which is even more significant when it's based on the use of ultra-resistant terminals that are more durable and functional in any environment, such as those offered by Crosscall.

Smartphone Crosscall with optical scanners X-SCAN
Crosscall smartphone and X-SCAN optical scanner for tracking


In order to offer a high-performance identification system that's also easy to use, Crosscall designed X-SCAN, an optical scanner module which is attached to the brand's smartphones in a single movement thanks to its X-LINK technology, a magnet located on the rear of the phone. This way, it can be used with a single hand, ergonomically and intuitively, just like your smartphone, which becomes a professional multi-function tool with a wealth of advantages.

Weighing in at just 24 grams, the X-SCAN stands out from the scanning tools already on the market with its easy handling and simple transportation, making it ideal for professionals who are always on the move. Once attached to the smartphone, it doesn't add any extra weight and allows you to work fluidly and comfortably.

With a scanning capacity of more than 60 codes per second, the X-SCAN is more than ideal for long-duration usage. Damaged or misprinted codes, which are common occurrences in the logistics and identification sectors, are no longer an issue: Thanks to its high-performance scanner and on-board processor, it only takes one scan to decrypt a code, even if it's damaged

The X-SCAN also covers various symbology libraries, guaranteeing effective scans of any type of 1D or 2D codes. Its impressive range (distances of up to 1 metre) and its laser pointer means that it can scan with precision, whether the user is crouching, standing and stretching or even at an angle. With its white LED support light, the X-SCAN works just as well whether you're in a dark warehouse or in direct sunlight on a loading dock (functioning up to 100,000 lux). Lastly, it can be made compatible with any business application dedicated to stock management via an SDK (system development kit), which avoids you having to switch from the software that you're already using.


The X-SCAN's robust design means it benefits from a high level of resistance to drops, impacts and extremely low temperatures. Thanks to its IP62 certification, it's also completely dust- and rain-resistant. Its materials have been carefully selected to guarantee its resistance over time: The Crosscall engineers have designed its casing using a robust polyamide, typically used in the vehicle manufacturing industry. So, you can rely on it to withstand even the most intense uses.

Lastly, the X-SCAN stands out on a daily basis with its low battery consumption, barely using 0.2% per hour in standby for a Crosscall CORE-X5 or CORE-Z5 smartphone. In the long term, its 5-year manufacturer's guarantee is one of its major assets, securing this investment for the future.

Crosscall CORE-Z5 smartphone with X-SCAN tracking solution


X-SCAN is the first Crosscall product to be designed and manufactured in France. For this, the Crosscall teams joined forces with two French partners, each specialising in their field: WARE-ID, an expert in automatic identification in the field of logistics, and Cordon Electronics, an expert in the manufacture, repair and recycling of electronic products.

This new accessory is the manifestation of Crosscall's drive to initiate its production process on French territory, in the aim of designing the first 5G secured Franco-European smartphone, expected to land in 2024.

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