-   September 1, 2020

To improve user experience and data security, the CORE-X4 is migrating to Android 10. Each user will receive a notification when it is available, or be informed directly via Update app, with a view to it being implemented on all devices from 7 September. In the meantime, find out all about the new functionality that you will soon be able to enjoy on your smartphone.



With this update, you will the new Android 10 functionality : dark mode, choice of browser mode, Smart Reply in all messaging apps, enhanced privacy tools. To find out more about the new functionality, click here.  


CROSSCALL’s new X-STORY by CROSSCALL editing app by will also be pre-installed on every CORE-X4. With X-STORY, edit your own adventure film, by adding the music of your choice, and share it immediately.


Glove mode will now be accessible directly from Settings Shortcuts (drop-down menu at the top).


Last but not least, you will be able to assign 2 apps to each of your programmable keys, giving you access to 4 apps in no time at all. 





Check whether your update is available :


1 Go to your menu


2 Open the Update app


3 Search for updates


Search for updates:


1 Download the update using the dedicated button


2 Once the update has downloaded, you will be prompted to install it


3 Then check that your apps have been updated in the Play Store





We recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection to download this update. If you download it via a mobile network or roaming connection, additional charges may apply.


Please ensure that your battery has at least 30% charge.


Your device will be unavailable during the installation of the update. The update may take a few minutes as you move from Android version 9 to Android version 10.