-   May 10, 2023

Crosscall is revealing X-SPACE: an interface that lets you access your smartphone content and apps on a big screen. By connecting it to a monitor, television or lapdock, the user can enjoy the comfort of use and features offered by a computer thanks to an intuitive, smooth-running interface. Professionals can get all their tasks done, wherever they are, boosting their productivity. With X-SPACE, the French brand is revolutionising work by making it more mobile.


The smartphone has become an essential element in the digitalisation of businesses. With endless usage possibilities, it lets you accomplish a multitude of tasks with a single device. Yet, professionals continue to alternate between their computer and smartphone. On the one hand, you have comfort and performance, and on the other, mobility and flexibility.

Faced with these challenges, Crosscall has developed X-SPACE, a desktop interface that's going to revolutionise the potential of the smartphone. The user doesn't just get a copy of the screen, but a whole desktop interface in its own right. Thanks to this new tool, the smartphone is now capable of replacing the computer. Emails, office suites, apps… The user can access all their professional tools, whether they're at the office, in the warehouse or travelling for work, all with just their Crosscall smartphone. Its intuitive, instant interface offers the same ergonomics and features for all professional use as those which have been reserved for computer operating systems - until now.

X-SPACE desktop interface used by the police

Simply connect the smartphone to a screen or monitor, mouse, or keyboard, and then you can get to work. The user can also access X-SPACE by connecting their smartphone to a lapdock, these docking stations which are also called "empty shells", which look like laptops, but only feature a screen and keyboard and don't have any electronic components. Lighter and more economic than a classic laptop, the lapdock is becoming increasingly popular among field professionals, who can do all their tasks on their smartphone but want better comfort of use during certain tasks (completing a report, working on a spreadsheet or presentation, etc.).

The reactivity and instantaneous nature of X-SPACE let you quickly change workstation and seamlessly continue your tasks wherever you are, for fluid working. Professionals enjoy all the benefits of their smartphone, such as 5G, the Cloud and their business apps, paired with the high performance and comfort of use of a professional-grade computer.

X-SPACE desktop interface used in the office


The key advantage of X-SPACE lies in the continuity of use it offers, which is a unique feature in this type of interface. The user can start working on a text document or spreadsheet on their smartphone, then continue on X-SPACE by signing in: they can pick up their work exactly where they left off! And what happens when you get a phone call? No problem - the user can answer while continuing with their work on the interface and can even sign out without risking losing where they are with their work. For video calls, the smartphone's camera stays activated when it's connected to X-SPACE, so the user can enjoy all their usual apps.

Finally, the Crosscall teams have taken particular care in designing the interface, focusing on user needs: offering optimal space and comfort. All aspects have been optimised, for both compact task bars and menus, with transparent designs to create more space and a lighter weight. This unique architecture has been designed and developed entirely in France.

This all-in-one solution offered by Crosscall can thus replace the computer and revolutionise work by making it more mobile. A real response for all professionals operating on the move and carrying out their work directly in the field, who also want to boost their productivity and improve their comfort. By capitalising on a single-device approach, equipped with their smartphone, the user has real peace of mind. The smartphone benefits from improved security: it can be geo-located, controlled and deactivated remotely much more easily than a computer, which is a huge advantage in the event of it being lost or stolen. Crosscall's expertise in impact and drop resistance also reinforces all the guarantees for its smartphones, covering them from risks of breakage and, in turn, operational downtime.

Mobility, productivity, and security are also great advantages offered to users with Crosscall smartphones and the X-SPACE interface. Opting for this solution means choosing a real economic benefit. For companies, it's the prospect of rationalising equipment by replacing their IT fleet with smartphones that are designed to be durable and come with a 5-year guarantee. The mobile fleet costs will thus be optimised, and you can make savings particularly on purchasing costs for equipment, licences and maintenance that typically come with computers.

X-SPACE is now available on the CORE-Z5. Upgrades on the CORE-X5 and CORE-T5 will be made during June 2023. Each user of these models can use it at no additional cost.