This is how we care for our teams

Attracting, developing, rewarding and engaging a diverse workforce while caring for their well-being.

Striving for

Behind our durable telephony products, there is first and foremost a human adventure. We're aware that transformation, especially in terms of CSR, requires teamwork.

Fostering our employees' personal development is an essential part of Crosscall’s culture and as important to us as their contributions to the company's performance and development.

Our actions

Skills, training sessions and career support

This year, our Human Resources teams formalised a job and skill management project: A reference document for managerial skills was drafted and work is ongoing to define transversal skills and techniques for each job.

We’ve also enriched our programme with internal training sessions led by employees. These sessions promote skill-sharing whilst highlighting those who lead them.

Diversity and inclusion

We’re committed to developing a professional setting for our teams that promotes inclusion and diversity. We regularly organise awareness-raising sessions on these topics. For example:

- 19 employees from around the world took part in internal workshops on diversity and inclusion in business, organised as part of our European Sustainable Development Week celebrations in 2022.

- 20 employees also participated in workshops aimed at improving our understanding of disabilities during European Disability Employment Week  in November 2022.

A positive working environment for our teams

Crosscall particularly prides itself on creating a positive work setting that promotes the well-being of its employees, for example through:

- A sports programme: Provision of a gym on the work premises for employees to use,

- A nutrition programme: Access to well-balanced meals, subsidised by the company, to encourage healthy eating habits.

- Events held to promote team spirit: Two seminars are organised each year to share the company’s success and vision with all employees and to strengthen bonds.


This year*, we aim to: 

Provide training to develop effective interpersonal skills

Define an action plan on the topic of gender equality

Develop internal training and awareness-raising initiatives

*Our CSR objectives are based on Crosscall’s fiscal years. The 2024 fiscal year runs from 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024

To find out more about this pillar, please consult to our CSR Report.

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