This is how we act ethically and responsibly

Assuming our business responsibility by limiting our impact on the environment, keeping a close watch on safety and conducting business ethically.

Acting as a
corporate citizen

It is our duty to demonstrate ethical behavior that meets the needs of all of our stakeholders and respects the environment. This includes contributing to the fight against global warming by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions or ensuring the security of our users' and partners' data.

We’re also committed to combating any form of corruption and to acting in line with ethical principles. Our adhesion to the United Nations Global Compact is further evidence of this.

Our actions

Managing our environmental impact

Crosscall’s environmental policy was built around three key commitments to limit the consequences of our activity on the environment: measuring our impacts, prolonging the life span of our products, and encouraging more responsible behaviours.

This year, we've equipped ourselves with a carbon measurement and management platform, in order to ensure a reliable and improved annual calculation of our greenhouse gas emissions. This will make it easier for us to steer the emission reduction trajectory that we’ll be working on next.

Acting ethically

Our Ethics Charter formalises the behaviours expected of each and every person in a professional context. All our employees have received training on topics such as anti-corruption measures, harassment and discrimination, respect of human rights, and conflicts of interest.

In addition, we've created an Ethics Committee to handle any ethical whistleblowing alert and to act as a neutral point of reference for employees.

We've also set up a whistleblowing platform: available on the Crosscall website, it's accessible to all and allows individuals to confidentially report any issues relating to ethics.


We adopt a responsible and rigorous approach in order to guarantee the security of the data that is in our possession. We formalised our approach on this topic this year through the drafting of our Information System Security Policy.

Employees receive training on cybersecurity and several tools have been implemented, such as a software which blocks suspicious emails. We also assess our service providers and suppliers on their level of cyber security risk and ask them what measures they have implemented to protect both their own and their partners’ data.


This year*, we aim to: 

Define targets for
reducing our greenhouse gas emissions

Develop our ecodesign initiatives
to reduce our products’ carbon footprint

Pursue the deployment of awareness-raising programmes on ethics and cybersecurity

*Our CSR objectives are based on Crosscall’s fiscal years. The 2024 fiscal year runs from 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024

To find out more about this pillar, please consult to our CSR Report.

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