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The 4G mobile

When mobile meets smartphone: This 4G phone allows users to access popular apps without compromise on accessibility or resistance!

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  • 4G, WI-FI, KaiOS, DECT Replacement
  • Durability: Resilience, endurance
  • Ergonomic Design: 2.4” screen, X-LINK™
€ 99,90
Price reduced from € 119,90 to
€ 99,90
Price reduced from € 119,90 to


The 4G mobile phone

Your next phone isn’t just a mobile phone. It’s more than that.



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    100 DB SPEAKER
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    gorilla glass

Your CORE-S4 comes with 4G and Wi-Fi and is powered by the KaiOS operating system.

KaiOS, for keypad feature phones

With the KaiOS app store, many of the most popular apps come already installed on your CORE-S4.

This means you can access Facebook and WhatsApp as soon as you start your phone.

Want even more? Go to the KaiOS store to find a wide range of downloadable apps.

More than 800 apps available to download:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • And lots more from the KaiOS Store

The phone that offers both 4G and WI-FI

The CORE-S4 features dedicated frequency bands for 4G connection. These frequency bands cover all French operators and most European operators.
At home or in the office, your CORE-S4 connects to your WIFI network (802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz) and saves your mobile data plan.
En combinant la 4G et le WIFI, vous avez la possibilité d’utiliser votre CORE-S4 comme un modem et permettre à vos autres appareils et aux personnes qui vous entourent de bénéficier d’un accès 4G rapide à internet.
Thanks to the dual SIM slot, you can switch from one SIM to another with a single touch and switch between operators or temporarily subscribe to a local plan abroad.

Touch and voice control

Voice assistant

The CORE-S4 has a voice recognition button at the centre of its monoblock keyboard. Tap the button to use voice commands with your phone. Searching the internet, texting, looking up videos on YouTube, etc. have never been easier: just speak, and it follows your commands!


Optimised to replace your corporate wireless telephony

In the past, wireless phones were used to make calls from one workstation to another within a company on dedicated infrastructures, in addition to the 3G/4G and WiFi networks already available, thus limiting mobility and usage close to the company. Those days are over. Don't miss any more mobile calls and gain in reactivity.


Speed dial*

Composez le numéro spécifique et joignez la personne adéquate.


Blocking anonymous calls*

Block all anonymous calls.


Call barring*

Block international or premium rate calls, silent mode, filter out numbers without CLIP (caller display).


Call transfer*

Attended transfer: the ability to manage and forward calls.

VoLTE* Make calls via 4G
VoWIFI* Make calls via wi-fi

With VOLTE* and VOWiFi*2 technology, you can make calls using 4G or Wi-Fi, so you can go further afield and never be out of range.

And the X-DOCK cordless recharging system means your CORE-S4 won’t run out of battery.

*Depending on the network operator



Mobile Fleet Manager

« After a discussion with my operator, who showed me the features available for communications in my company, we decided to equip all our employees with a CORE-S4 with its X-DOCK charging station. This solution allowed us to simplify the management of the fleet, i.e. centralized configuration of user groups and their lines, and on the device side, use on our corporate WiFi network and less breakage thanks to the phone's resistance. What makes you different? The fact that you are a French brand capable of offering attractive products in terms of both promises and equipment costs, and your ability to support us throughout the project. »

Resistant to extreme temperatures, fully waterproof, impervious to dust and microparticles.

The CORE-S4 is quite simply ideal for outdoor use.

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    Bright screen Even in bright sunlight
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    2,300 mAh battery For a long-lasting charge
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    100db loudspeaker Clear, audible calls

Compact and extremely robust

American military standard MIL STD 810H

The CORE-S4 has passed 15 of the US military standard MIL STD 810H tests with flying colours, including the drop test from two metres onto concrete and the temperature tests. Do you work in the steel industry? Or maybe in cold storage rooms? Look no further! The CORE-S4 can withstand temperatures ranging from -32°C to +60°C.

Altitude resistance Reach the peaks without worrying about your phone.
Solar radiation No need to worry about heat waves.
Salt fog Use your smartphone in a marine environment without risk of corrosion.
Thermal shock Go from hot to cold and back again in a matter of seconds.
Liquid contamination Withstands occasional contact with isopropyl
Cold storage Stored in an environment at -51°C.
Heat storage Stored in an environment up to +60°C.
Impact Your phone is not at risk when dropped.
Vibration Your phone can withstand shaking and vibrations.
Humidity 28 days of exposure in an environment reproducing a tropical zone: 60°C with a relative humidity of 95%.
Acceleration Your phone takes sudden acceleration in its stride (drops).
Rain Your smartphone can be used in showery weather.
Intense cold Use your phone in the coldest places.
Intense heat Remains functional up to +71°C.
Freezing rain Can withstand up to 13 mm of ice and remain functional after thawing.

Waterproof and impervious to microparticles


Waterproof and impervious to microparticles

IP68 2m immersion for 30 mins

In compliance with standard IP68, the CORE-S4 also withstands immersion to a depth of 2m for 30 mins.

Designed for use in harsh conditions, the CORE-S4 with its monoblock keyboard can be washed with soap, whilst a microperforated GORE membrane protects your microphone against water infiltration.


With its single circuit numeric keypad and built-in protective grilles on the ear speaker and hands-free speaker, the CORE-S4 never lets dust in.

It’s an ideal design if you are involved with woodwork, where sawdust can get in between the keys or into the speakers and eventually damage your phone.


Sealing caps are also included to ensure that your phone is completely protected from all other microparticles.



Home Carer

At the start of day, I plug my CORE-S4 into the X-CAR PRO to charge the battery for the whole day. I usually have about 7 or 8 visits a day and the phone lets me stay in touch with my clients all day long. With the CORE-S4 I can keep in close contact with the clients. It also helps me to keep in touch with the office, which is key, given that our work is all about relationships between people. So it’s very important to have a long battery life. Also, the native apps mean I can go online or access some entertainment without worrying about running out of charge, which is really important to me. It means that I can sometimes take a break during the day, thanks to CROSSCALL’s long battery life

Durability is essential…

Durability, reliability and repairability are its fundamental elements.

Designed with our core values in mind, the CORE-S4 embodies our commitment to durability and to building a phone you can rely on, without limiting its usability. It also has a three-year warranty like all the products in the range.


Buttons remain waterproof after 400,000 presses

In other words, 365 presses every day of the warranty period.



13h30 Communication time
2300 mAh Battery capacity
13 days In low power mode


Engineer in the steel industry

« I work in an environment that is very noisy and exposed to intense heat. When you melt metal, you generate a lot of dust. This dust is very fine and penetrates the phone’s speaker grille in the space of a few days, completely clogging up the membrane so it can no longer vibrate and therefore emit sound. To cope with these very difficult conditions and combat this issue, we decided to use the CORE-S4. It’s also resistant to all liquids, which is a huge plus since there's also a lot of oil and grease on site. Being equipped with Crosscall devices means we don’t need to replace our phones as often, and the daily management of our pool of mobile phones is much easier. From the feedback I have received from employees with the phones, I can confirm that Crosscall products are reliable »


They are certainly durable and they are also repairable !

Repairability is a key part of a product’s durability, and important work has been carried out throughout the design process of the CORE-S4 so that its components can be easily replaced by accredited repair centres.

Any modification or change to your device not carried out by an authorised centre will void the warranty. If your device needs to be repaired, we recommend that you take it to the CROSSCALL after sales service.


The camera

The camera is easy to remove.



When opening the phone, there's no glue to remove, only screws.



The battery is screwed in (not glued).



The glass is not glued to the screen.

Spare parts available for 10 years for the CORE-S4


The reduced amount of plastic is great for the environment.

The sustainability of the CORE-S4 can also be seen in its packaging. Creating eco-friendly packaging is one of the brand's commitments and is part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

60% recycled materials In the box.
0% PLASTIC Used for packaging .
60% recycled materials To protect the CORE-S4 display
Plant-based ink Printing on the packaging A single colour is used to reduce the amount of ink.

Designed for your comfort


Designed for your comfort

Engineered as a smartphone during its development, the CORE-S4 is the latest CROSSCALL phone in the CORE series.

It is the perfect size (140 x 62 x 14.4 mm) to hold in your hand, and you can even slip it into your pocket, whether you’re wearing jeans or overalls.


Typing on your keypad has never been so enjoyable.

The CORE-S4 features a one-piece silicone backlit numeric keypad that prevents dust getting between the keys. For even more precision and to make it easier to text, the keys on the CORE-S4 keypad are textured for better grip and enlarged for optimal navigation and use, even when wearing gloves.

Gorilla Glass 3 Corning© anti- scratch glass screen
500 cd/m² Screen brightness
IK05* Protection against 1 joule of impact.

(*) IK05 only on Corning© Gorilla Glass 3 on the front of the phone.


Backlit to make it easy to read, even in bright sunlight

With optimal screen brightness of 500 cd/m2, the CORE-S4 is can also be read comfortably in bright sunshine. The CORE-S4 display is protected by damage-resistant Corning© Gorilla Glass 3, which also provides you with maximum brightness.

100dB loudspeaker strength

No more “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you…”

Making calls in noisy places can sometimes be difficult. The CORE-S4 is equipped with a 100dB speaker, so you can hear the person you’re talking to and have clear and audible calls wherever you are, whether in a workshop, on a construction site or in the city centre.

The CORE-S4 is equipped with a microphone that is specially designed to make sure you are heard clearly.

Combine it with...


For example, you can connect to an X-POWER for two full charges thanks to its 6000 mAh battery life.


The new X-DOCK gives you the opportunity to charge a CROSSCALL device and another device at the same time.


The ergonomic armband, essential for runners.

x-power station

The X-POWER STATION lets you charge up to 10 devices at the same time, using a single power supply.


Everything you need to know about the CORE-S4 can be found here :

IP rating IP 68
Waterproofness against salt and chlorinated water 2m/30min
Dustproof IP6X (Total)
Operating temperature -25°C / +60°C
Resistance US MIL-STD-810H (15 tests)
Drop Test (6 sides, 2m)
Dimensions (L x l x h) 140 x 62 x 14,4mm
Weight 156,6g
Coulour Black
Operating System KaiOS
Version 2.5.3
Processor MTK6731
Head/Body SAR 1,311 W/kg - 1,077 W/kg
Limb SAR 2,712 W/kg
Languages French, German, English, Spanish, Croatian, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Arabic, Chinese
Brand Crosscall
Model CH-51E
Input voltage 100-240V ~
Input AC frequency 50 / 60Hz
Output voltage 5,0V ⎓
Output current 1,0A
Output power 5,0W
Average efficiency in active mode 75.10%
Efficiency at low load (10%) 71.01%
No load power consumption 0.037W
Size 2,4 - 4/3
Type TN
Protective glass Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
IK rating IK05
Resolution 320x240 pixels, QVGA
Brightness 500 cd/m2
Type Lithium Polymer
Capacity 2300 mAh
Talk time (2G/3G) 13h30
Standby time (4G) 10 days
RAM 512 Mo
Flash 4 Go
External (Micro SD) max 64 Go (sold separately)
SIM Dual tray: SIM or SIM + micro SD
Type Nano SIM
2G (GPRS/EDGE) 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3G (HSPA+) 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
4G (LTE) FDD-LTE band : 1(2100) / 3(1800) / 5(850) / 7(2600) / 8(900) / 20(800) / 28 fullband (700)
VoLTE Compatible **
VoWIFI Compatible **
WIFI 802.11b; 802.11g; 802.11n
2.4 GHz
Bluetooth® 4.2
USB Port Micro USB 2.0
X-LINK™* Yes

* *Magconn Technology

Rear camera 2 MP
Autofocus No
Flash Yes
Supported formats JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP
Supported formats MP4, 3GPP
Headphone Jack 3.5mm
Supported formats 3GPP, MP3, AAC, MIDI, WAVE
Microphone Waterproof microphone, GORE membrane
Speaker power 100 dB
GPS Yes (location only) / Glonass
Accelerometer / G-Sensor No
Proximity sensor No
Light sensor No
Gyroscope No
Magnetometer / E-Compass No
Whatsapp Yes
Facebook Yes
YouTube Yes
Hands-free Yes
Tape recorder Yes
Alarm clock Yes (daily function)
FM Radio Yes (built-in antenna)
Torch Yes