X-CAMP is an application developed by CROSSCALL for the CROSSCALL community. It allows to exchange directly with all users and experts of the brand.

The application is compatible with all Android terminals (minimum version 8.1 required).


If it is not already present on your device, the application can be installed from the Google PlayStore


The application offers a visitor mode that allows you to see the items published in the application as well as the profile of the users visible on the map.

This mode is accessible by clicking on 'Take a look'.

However, this mode does not allow you to interact with other users and to access all the other features of the application (Crosscall Wayfinder, notifications...).

To use the application you need :

  • A device running at least Android 8.1
  • A Crosscall account

If you already have a Crosscall account, you can use it directly to connect to X-CAMP.

If you don't have one, you can create one from the X-CAMP application using your email address or your Facebook account.

Your profile can be modified from the application's menu (top left button):

  • By clicking on the avatar to modify it
  • By clicking on 'My profile' to modify the other information

Your position is used to display on the map the items (Publication, people...) around you and to notify you of events occurring nearby (Second hand sales...). Your location is not shown to other users by default. You can decide to display by clicking on the Visibility icon (top right).

4 types of notifications can be received:

  • Sales: Ads published nearby + Interactions on ads related to you
  • Help forum: Help requests published nearby + Interactions on the forum related to you
  • Tips & information about your product
  • Good plans (Promotions...)

The rules for receiving these notifications can be managed from the Settings > Preferences menu

All content published in the application can be reported by users. Crosscall teams will process these within a week and remove the content if it does not comply with the application's rules of use.

Crosscall teams are always happy to interact and respond to users. Our experts regularly check the forum and will try to provide answers to topics that the community has not been able to answer, as long as they are available.

The Like function allows users to indicate the answers that they feel are most relevant to the Forum.

The answer that the community likes the most is marked with a green label.

In the current version of the application, posted answers cannot be edited or deleted by users.

Please read your answers carefully before posting them.

Only Crosscall branded products (smartphones, tablets or accessories) can be sold through the application.

Any topic related to your Crosscall products can be discussed on the X-CAMP forum. Whether it's a request for explanations or information, a problem encountered, or an opinion on the products, the Crosscall community and experts will be happy to discuss it with you.

Crosscall reserves the right to remove any post that is not related to its products or that does not comply with the application's rules of use.

No. Crosscall does not act as a trusted third party for the buy/sell service of used products and will not be involved in any disputes that may arise from these transactions.

Crosscall reserves the right to remove any listing that does not comply with the rules of use of the application.

Sale listings can be deleted by their owner. However, they cannot be modified in the current version of the application.

All these publications can be found in the History section of the application's menu.