TRUFFAUT case study

« We felt supported by CROSSCALL’S teams throughout the roll-out »


garden centers

3 000



As System Engineer, what is your role within the company’s stores?
I’ve been directly involved in replacing our retail chain’s outdated DECT systems. Out of the 65 stores in France, we’ve already achieved this at 16 garden centres.

How did you hear about Crosscall?
Having been given the green light from our operator to use the app-based teaming communication solution, we then needed a device to install it on. The operator presented us with several models, including Crosscall products. I’d heard about Crosscall’s mobiles for personal and active use, and I knew that
they were sturdy.

How are the mobile devices distributed across the company?
Before, our stores were using quite an outdated DECT solution, which didn’t have many features (i.e. you could only make internal calls or transfer calls to another user).

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