How to keep your smartphone in use for longer?

   -   September 21, 2023

On average, French people change their smartphone every two or three years, but in 88% of cases, it's still working (1). When you consider that three quarters of a smartphone's environmental impact comes from its manufacturing phase (2), extending its lifespan becomes essential! By maintaining your phone properly, you can avoid almost 40% of breakdowns (3). To mark European Sustainable Development Week, CROSSCALL shares some tips on how to keep your smartphone in use for as long as possible!

First of all, choose a telephone that was designed to last

In other words, a robust device, designed to function properly in all types of environments and uses. Several standards exist that can help you to compare devices objectively on the criterion of durability. For example, the IP standard, which measures protection against dust and water, the IK standard, which measures the screen's resistance to shocks, and the MIL-STD-810H military standards.

Repairability is also a key factor in extending the life of a device. This is possible when your phone is designed so that you can easily replace the parts most likely to break. In France, a reparability index, whose calculation criteria were set by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, gives you information on a device's ability to be repaired.

Another tip for choosing a smartphone designed to last is the warranty period offered by the manufacturer.  Crosscall sets itself apart by offering its users a five-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase (3). This also includes the battery, a unique commitment in the telephone industry.

 Also remember to check the duration of software updates (security patches and OS upgrades) so that you can enjoy your smartphone for longer, without having to change it!


Smartphone Crosscall batterie durable

Now that you've chosen a phone that's built to last, here are a few tips on how to take care of it every day.

Chargement smartphone Crosscall

Manage the charging and discharging of your smartphone battery with care

The key to a long-lasting battery is not to let your smartphone discharge completely, but to avoid leaving it on charge for too long. In fact, a phone battery is like a car's rev counter: below 20% you're under-revving, above 80% you're overheating the engine! Many phones offer an 80% charge limit, so you can charge your smartphone with peace of mind!

Furthermore, so-called "fast charge" modes are too intense and degrade your device's battery faster. If you can, it's best to anticipate your smartphone's charging times, to give it the time it needs to recharge!

Last but not least, as each manufacturer has different charging algorithms, it's a good idea to find out which charger model is best suited to your phone. In general, it's best to use the charger sold with your phone, or one recommended by the manufacturer.


Limit exposure to extreme weather conditions

Extreme temperatures can damage your phone both immediately and permanently. They can alter the battery’s chemical balance, degrading its ability to function properly. So don't leave your phone in the sun or near a heat source, especially when it's switched on.

Like heat, damp or dusty environments can also damage your phone's internal components. To mitigate these risks and guarantee optimal use, XYZ offers its users devices with very high water-resistance ratings and that are capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -40° to +71°, depending on the model.

Tout comme la chaleur, les environnements humides ou poussiéreux peuvent également abîmer les composants internes de votre téléphone. C’est donc pour pallier ses risques et garantir une utilisation optimale que Crosscall propose à ses utilisateurs des appareils possédant des indices d’étanchéité élevés, et pouvant supporter des températures allant de -40° à +71° selon les modèles. 


Take care of your operating system

Even if you love to immortalize life's moments by taking photos, it's advisable not to overload your phone with media or heavy applications.  As soon as the memory is 80% full, the phone's performance and speed drop drastically.  Instead sort through your phone to free up space.

Make sure to install the updates for your smartphone's system, not least for security reasons. This will enable your phone to resist ever more cunning cyber-attacks.

Finally, switch off your phone from time to time to allow it to empty its "cache".  The cache stores data, so you don't have to download it every time you open an application. Emptying the cache gets rid of your applications' short-term memory.

Système exploitation smartphone Crosscall

Take good care of your screen

One of the most frequent causes of phone replacement is broken screens. Over 80% of smartphone repairs involve broken screens (4)[1]. If necessary, we recommend protecting your screen with tempered glass.

To reinforce the durability of its devices, Crosscall has chosen to equip its screens with a polymer foam undercoat, as well as opting for highly resistant Gorilla Glass. The design of the edges of its smartphones has also been thought out to protect the screen as much as possible in the event of a fall.

 Overuse can also damage the screen over time. We recommend reducing brightness by setting it to an automatic mode that adapts to ambient light.  Reducing brightness from 80% to 60% will save several hours of battery life (5)[2]. Also, don't leave your screen on for too long: set it to a sleep mode so that it switches off automatically when you're not using it.

Repair your phone!

Your phone is broken? Check your warranty coverage. It is also possible to have your terminal repaired out of warranty by contacting the after-sales service. In this case, you’ll have to pay for the repair, but it’s often cheaper than buying a new smartphone.

Give your smartphone a second life!

Once your smartphone has lived a (long) first life in your hands, there are still ways to give it a second life!

If your phone is still working, you can give it to a relative, or have it refurbished by sending it to the manufacturer or any other organization that offers this service.

Finally, if your phone really is at the end of its life, you can drop it off at a collection point - often found in cell phone stores, for example - or send it back to your operator. In any case, never throw your phone in the garbage can, as this will prevent it from being recycled properly.

Now it’s up to you !

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